Planning Guide for


Setting and Getting Your Goals

Success is not random, it doesn’t just happen.

It’s about Setting and Getting Your Goals.

We need to decide what we want to achieve. Then the destination is charted, and the goal is made.  Then steps are taken, and physical actions are executed. It is for all intents and purposes laid out and planned. This universe does work against you, it is based on randomity. It is up to us to plan how we want it to be.

We will go through the 6 major actions in our Goal Setting:

1. 3 Steps to Success Planning
2. Staying Profitable
3. The Forgotten Focus
4. The Powerful 3Ms
5. 4 Quadrants of Vision
6. The Secret Sauce

Step 1 : Success Planning in 3 Steps

First you need to plan for success.
There are 3 action steps you do to ensure you have it laid out.

Step 2 : Staying Profitable

It’s important to consider and plan for where you want to go. That is, if youy are not growing in business, you will be shrinking. That is the way the world works. So you must continue to do more in marketing to remain viable. let’s see how it works.

Step 3 : The Forgotten Focus

It’s easy to dive into this planning and get totally submerged. BUT … there is one thing you never want to loose focus on.

Step 4 : The Powerful 3 M’s

Step 5 : 4 Quadrants of Vision

Success and achieving your goals can sometimes come with a cost. Considering the 4 Quadrants of Success will give us the full 360 view in charting our life course.

Step 6 : The Secret Sauce

Now that we have our 360 degree view of live and the goals that we want, what else is there? Find out in this session.